We Believe in the Next Generation of Dentists
and that the Passion of a Mentor Leads to Greatness
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We believe in shared knowledge, equal opportunity
and a spirit of fellowship.

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What is AADP?
Meet the Academy!
Founded in the mid-1950s as the American Academy of Dental Practice and now known simply as AADP, we are a preeminent dental organization, dedicated to fostering mentorship, education and community among dental professionals.
At AADP, we believe successful dentistry means a balance of life, work, and family. We also believe in shared knowledge, a spirit of fellowship and being cheerleaders for each other.
Known for our inspiring and moving annual meetings, AADP values the next generation of dentists, encouraging members and guests alike to always move forward toward making of difference in the lives of those we serve. We realize that education and mentorship is the key and leads to greatness.
AADP believes in finding and sharing a better way in dentistry…. Come Join Us!
This issue of the Communicator is included in your Free Dental Mentorship Kit.
We believe in balancing life, work, and family.
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Your Free AADP Dental Mentorship Kit Includes

AADP Blueprints for Success

AADP experts bring you best practices and proven tactics to achieve the balance of work and family that is so key to the success of your career. An assortment of helpful AADP Blueprints for Success are included in your AADP Dental Mentorship Kit.

AADP Talks

TED-style presentations have become the buzz of the AADP Annual Meetings. Fascinating speakers present actionable information and provide inspiration. Your Dental Mentorship Kit includes several great talks that you will listen to again and again.

AADP Communicator

The Communicator, AADP’s quarterly magazine, acts as a touchpoint for the community. You will receive a sample issue so that you can get a sense of the fellowship and shared knowledge that’s the hallmark of the AADP membership.

AADP Mentor Call

This amazing part of the AADP Dental Mentorship Kit allows you to schedule a free mentoring session with a AADP member. This is your chance to chat with a successful dentist who knows the issues you struggle with and is committed to help.
At AADP, we believe in shared knowledge, a spirit of fellowship, and in being cheerleaders for each other.