AADP 2014 Meeting

Mr. Kevin Hall – Transforming Your Life Through the Power of Words
Mr. Tom Flick – Leading in a Changing World
Mr. Kevin Hall – Influencing Others Through the Power of Words
Mr. James Lunney – How the New Economy Will Affect the Growth of Your Dental Practice
Mr. Kirk Behrendt – 47 High Impact Marketing Techniques To Get More New Patients
Mr. James Lunney – How to Use Your Patient Demographics to Grow Your Dental Practice
Dr. Kelly Conway –  Articular Dynamics of the Stomatognathic System
Dr. Richard Foxx – Farm to Face: The New Evolution of Skin Care and Wellness
Mr. Bill Woodburn – The Heart of Change: How Our Internal Story Influences Our Lives, Our Teams, and Our Patients
Dr. Robert Cialdini – Moments of Power
Dr. Susan Maples – Inspiring Oral Systemic Health from Cradle-to-Grave
Dr. Mike Robichaux – Dentistry for the Soul
Mr. Danny Bobrow – Master the Art of First Impressions
Dr. Susan Maples – Strategic Target Marketing in Private Practice: Choosing Your Best Patients Before They Choose You!
Ms. Christina Visco – Social Media Marketing – Looking Beyond Facebook & Understanding Your WHY

TED Talks Lunch & Learn Topics:
Inquire: Ways to Develop and Lead Your Empowered Dental Team (Speakers – Ms. Linda Miles, Ms. Debra Engelhardt-Nash, Ms. Linda Devenstedt & Ms. Christina Visco

Inspire Your Competitive Advantage in Dentistry With Technology and Clinical Insights (Speakers – Drs. Paul Berson, Ryan Love, Randy Shoup & Matt Steinberg

Influence Your Health and Those You Serve (Speakers – Drs. Sunita Merriman, Kent Smith, Barry Polansky & Cal Lau

AADP 2013 Meeting

Mr. Bob Danzig– Leadership Workshop
Ms. Kristie Nation– Social Media and Networking
Joe Blaes, DDS– Hands on Workshop Great NEW Products
Allen Schiff, CPA– CFE What’s Happening Financially in Dentistry
Marvin Berlin, DDS; Dan Sindelar, DMD; Robert Mongrain, DMD– Practice of the Future
Bradley Bale, MD & Amy Doneen, MSN, ARNP– How to Prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes
Bill Howard, MD– Common Injuries in Youth Athletics
Mr. Imtiaz Manji– Adapting to the New World of Dentistry
Ms. Lois Banta– Putting the FUN Back in Dentistry
Linda Drevenstedt, RDH, MS– 7 Brain Principles that Maximize Effectiveness™
Rhonda Savage, DDS– Challenges Facing Women in Dentistry
Wendy Bach, DDS– Women’s Mastermind Group
Bradley Bale, MD; Amy Doneen, MSN, ARNP; Chris Kammer, DDS; Dan Sindelar, DMD; Thomas W. Nabors, DDS– Oral Systemic Connection

AADP 2012 Meeting

Mr. Lew Perkins – What It Takes to Be Part of March Madness
Waldo the Wingman: Never Fly Solo–The Critical Importance of Team & Bringing Out the Best in You and Your Team
Dr. Robert Margeas – Achieving Fantastic Esthetic Results: Part I — Direct Resin & Veneers and Part II — Implants
Mr. Mark Olson – Communicating at the Speed of Light
Dr. Larry Emmott – The Information Highway—Using the Internet Effectively
The Original Mastermind Group: Dr. Bob Hamric & Dr. Don Gary – The Best You Can Be
Young Dentists’ Mastermind Group – Dr. Deron Davenport & Dr. Lance Porter: What We Can Do to Become Even Better
Ms. Connie Podesta – How to Stand Out in a Crowd &v Attaining the Best in Your Life & Your Practice
Dr. Tom McDougal – Esthetic Principles in Restoring Severely Worn Dentition
Mr. Darrell Cain – Preparing for the Rest of Your Life
Women Dentist Mastermind/Dr. Wendy Bach – Helping Each Other Excel
Dental Team Mastermind/Ms. Linda Lakin – Teams Create Champions
Dr. Jeff Blackburn – From Adversity to Opportunity & Lessons from 25 Years of Success
Dr. Robert Margeas – A Review of Esthetic Dentistry to Improve You
Consultant’s Bonanza Program: Dr. Charles Blair, Mr. Mason Moise, & Mr. Rick Willeford – Financial Golden Pearls
Consultant’s Bonanza Program: Dr. Rhonda Savage – Practice Management Pearls
Mr. Todd Whitthorne – Healthy Living for Success
Mr. Vince Lombardi – Pursuit of Perfection-Achieving Excellence


AADP 2011 Meeting

Mr. Philip Van Hooser – Transformational Leadership
Ms. Heather Lutze – Your Facebook Hurts My Tweets when I am Linked-in!
Mr. Philip Van Hooser – The 20 Sins of Leadership
Dr. Michael Schuster – Creating Profit in Tough Times
Ms. Heather Lutze – Social Networking and Website Optimization Workshop
Mr. Philip Van Hooser – The Game of Service is the Game of Business
Dr. Michael Schuster – Wealthonomics “Building the Exceptional Practice”
Ms. Dolly Marting – One Small Voice
Mr. Chad Hymas – Soar On Our Own Wings — 6 Principles to Give Your Vision Flight
Mr. Thomas Frey – Unlocking the Future: When Present Trends and Future Realities Collide
Ms. Linda Lakin – Walk Faster! . . . Promoting Your Position on the Dental Team
Dr. Susan Maples – Team Development for Experiential Learning
Mr. Mason Moise – The Portfolio That Works
Dr. Barry Polansky – How to Build Your Practice Through Blogging
Dr. Randy Shoup – Building the Caries-Free Practice
Ms. Kathy Dempsey – Shed or You’re Dead® – How to Stay Alive & Thrive in the Midst of Turbulent Change!
Kathy Dempsey – Shed for Success™ – 7 Essential Skills Every Dental ProfessionalNeeds to Know to Navigating Change in Turbulent Times
Dr. Ariel Raigrodski – The Impact of Zirconia and CAD/CAM Technology on Contemporary Dental Practice Part I and Part II
Dr. Alan Markoff – A Journey of 1000 Crowns Begins with a Single Restoration
Dr. Mike Robichaux – A Practical Approach to Holistic Dentistry — An Open Pathway to Success, Relationships, and Professional Fulfillment
Dr. Randy Shoup – Minimally Invasive Dentistry
Dr. Kent Smith – High Tech Dentistry —the Niche Itch; Scratch it or Ditch It!

AADP 2010 Meeting

Ms. Lois Banta – Leading Your Team Through Transformational Times
Dr. Kent Smith – Wasted Days and Sleepless Nights-Help Your Patients Get Better Sleep
Dr. John Cranham — The Seven Key Principles of Transformation
Dr. Rich Green — Transformational Relationships -Moving from Success to Significance
Dr. Bob Willis and Dr. John Cranham — Transformational Principles in Action
Dr. Bob Willis – Dentistry Tomorrow – Obstacles and Opportunities
Mr. Rob Faust – Behind the Mask-Unmasking Your Potential
Dr. Randy Martin – The Secrets of Life – or Everybody Looks Better with Their Clothes On
Dr. Bill Gregg – Personal Growth – The Gifts of Dentistry -The Rediscovery of Innocence
Dr. Jeff and Mrs. Pat Carter – Creating the Ultimate Office Environment for Lifelong Success
Dr. Lee Ann Brady – Women as Leaders – Finding the Balance
Mr. John McGill – Financial Independence in Changing Times
Drs. Lee Ann Brady, Bill Gregg and Rich Green — Discovering Your Strengths – Developing Your True Potential
Mr. John McGill – Financial Independence Workshop
Dr. Randy Martin, MD – A Healthier You – Transforming Yourself Physically and Psychologically to a State of Optimum Health and Enthusiastic Well-Being
Dr. Drew Cobb – Taking Treatment Planning to a New Dimension
Drs. Lee Ann Podruch, DDS and David Johnson, MD – Ready, Aim, Retire!

AADP 2009 Meeting

Ms. Jana Stanfield – What Would I Do Today if I Were Brave
Dr. Nate Booth – Tiger Traits
Dr. Nate Booth – The Diamond Touch
Dr. Larry Emmott – The High Tech Power Practice
Mr. Paul Sletten – A New Life Planning Model for Retirement
Mr. Dave Weber – I’m Spread So Thin You Can See Through Me
Mr. Rick Willeford – What Now?!? Top 5 Investment Mistakes
Dr. Tom Orent – How to Build an IRON CAGE Around Your Patients
Mr. Dave Weber – Some Days You’re the Pigeon… Some Days the Statue
Drs. Brian & Arlen Lackey – Advancing Technologies and Chairside CAD/CAM Restorations to Expand Your Practice
Dr. Tom McDougal moderating Consultant’s Corner, with Ms. Linda Drevenstedt, Ms. Alice Kozlowicz, & Ms. Linda Lakin
Dr. Charles Blair – Coding to Maximize Insurance
Dr. David Ahearn – Designing the High Performance Dental Practice
Mr. Robert Stutman – What You Don’t Know
Mr. Bob Danzig – Common Powers in Cream of the Crop Leaders
Mr. Bob Danzig – The Softer Side of Success Ms. Lois Banta – Anatomy of a Winning Team… A Recipe for Success
Mr. Darrell Cain – Living Off Your Wealth…Will Your Money Last? Proper Distribution, Planning and Asset Allocation.
Dr. Joe Blaes – Veneers Made Easy
Dr. Gerard Chiche – Recipes for Predictable Anterior Esthetics, Part 1 & 2
Dr. Rhonda Savage & Ms. Linda Miles – The Many Facets of Communication
Ms. LaDonna Gatlin – Tune Up Your Life

AADP 2008 Meeting

Chris Blackmore – The Magic of Quality Service
Dr. Carl Hammerschlag – The Healing Spirit of Dentistry
Mr. Doug Young – Unleashing Your Potential
Mr. Yona Lunkin – Creating Effective Teams
Dr. Chuck Harding – A Higher Vision – Elevating Our Practices to Another Level
Dr. Jim Jackson – I’m About to Retire… Now What? Smart Ways to Handle Your Money
Dr.Walter Heidary – Leadership Transcending Multiple Industries, Part I & Part II
Dr.Mark Knollman – CEREC Workshop —Providing Your Patients 21st Century Technology
Ms. LeAnn Thieman – Light A Single Candle…Making a Difference
Ms. Donna Brogan/Philips Sonicare – Women’s Wellness – An Oral Health Perspective
Mr. Tom Crum – Three Deep Breaths – Finding Power and Purpose in a Stressed-Out World
Ms. Joan Borysenko – The Healing Spirit – From Stress to Strength
Mr. Yona Lunkin – Thinking Outside the Box – Using Creative Problem-Solving Skills
Dr. Gabe Don Sing – Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment of Severely Worn Dentition
Ms.Mary Osborne & Ms. Joan Unterscheutz – NPE Roundtable – The Healing Presence, the New Patient Experience and the Art of Possibility
Dr.Walter Heidary – Leadership Transcending Multiple Industries, Part II


AADP 2007 Meeting

Dr. Carl Hurley – Success is a Process
Mr. Brian Biro – Beyond Success – The Keys of Vision
Dr. Sam Low – Dental Education – Friend or Foe?
Dr. Henry Gremillion – Dentistry’s New Vistas
Dr. Matt Steinberg – High Touch Meets High Tech
Dr. Sandy Parrott – Special Things the Excellent Dentist Does –Lessons I have Learned
Mr. Todd Whitthorne – Your Health, Your Responsibility –Don’t Die from Something Stupid
Dr. Irwin Becker – Ethics and Philosphy for the Dental Practitioner
Mr. Todd Whitthorne – Exercise for Life
Dr. John Cranham – The Synergy of Balance – Finding Happiness and Fulfillment in Life and Dentistry
Ms. Mary Osborne & Ms. Joan Unterschuetz – Dancing with the Dragon of Change
Mr. John C. Kornitzer – Investing for the 21st Century –It is a Whole New Ballgame
Mr. John Kornitzer – Q&A on 21st Century Investing
Dr. Chris Kleber – Doctor Only Mastermind
Dr. Randy Jungman – Staff Mastermind
Ms. Joan Unterschuetz – Young Members Mastermind
Mr. Alan Ovson – Dental Marketing You Will Not Be Outsourced
Mr. Mark Scharenbroich – Fueling Performance with Passion