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Clinical – Maximizing and investing in your team can elevate and separate your practice from others. How to implement certain clinical procedures in your practice is just as important to the procedure itself. Dr. Susan Mapes, AADP Member, will share her expertise on how to implement a total health in your hygiene department. This increases purpose and potential for your patients and practice! She will be presenting at the AADP October 13-16 Meeting in Santa Fe! Check out her video! Susan Maples


Business – The business of dentistry has many components. The AADP meeting in October 13-16 2021 in Santa Fe, we will learn about creating the most functional and efficient space with Andrea Greer, “The State of Dental Marketing” for fee for service practices with Rusty Curtis, and learn from our expert panel on a vast number dental business focus items with Debra Engelhardt-Nash, Penny Reed, Dana Watson, and Allen Schiff. Check out some the speaker’s videos to get to know them better! – Andrea Greer, Rusty Curtis, Expert Panel


Finance – Expert Panel (Debra Nash, Andrea Greer, Allen Schiff, Dana Watson, Penny Reed)


Culture – One of the most important pillars to a great Fee for Service and private practice dentist is creating and keeping an amazing culture. You want to love what you do, but more importantly, you want to love who you do it with each day. Anna Liotta will speak on Generational Dynamics and how to understand, communicate and function different generations of team members and patients. She is one of our keynote speakers for our AADP meeting in October 13-16 2021! Check out her video! Anna Liotta

Patient Experience

Patient Experience – We all want new patients, but we really want to keep these patients for a life-time. One of the best ways is to ensure these patients have the best and most consistent experience in your office. Jason Young is going to share how to deliver that type of experience. We can’t wait to see him at the AADP 2021 Meeting in Santa Fe! Meet Jason Young


Leadership – Leadership drives change. We must grow our leadership in order to help others grow theirs. Nathan Cook, will help us improve the vital skill. He will be opening up our AADP 2021 Meeting in Santa Fe. Check him out! Chad Hymas, National Speaker Hall of Famer, will close the AADP 2021 Meeting. Your life will improve just hearing his story and will inspire us to inspire others. Please watch his video!


Mentorship – Young Dentist Panel, Expert Panel, University of Santa Fe School of Dentistry.

These young dentists will have an open conversation regarding their individual practices, what they are doing to position themselves for success, and what are some of the challenges they face. This is a great opportunity for audience participation! Meet the Panel!

Why I Love The

Great organization! Love the meetings because they are unique and the people are the best.

Brad Shern

Best organization in dentistry for personal growth and networking!

Sandy Parrott

Best organization that I have ever been associated with. Its a group of dentists and dental consultants who are of liked minds. Constantly improving and growing as individuals and as businesses.

Alan Rauchberg

You can't find a better group of people. I'm very happy to be a part of this Academy.

Christian White

The best organization to be a part of. Any Dental professional or consultant associated with Dentistry needs to check out what AADPA is all about.

Annette Dufour

So proud to be a member of this mindful, forward thinking organization. This group has enriched my life and practice as a dentist.

Julie Spaniel

Amazing, cutting-edge, relevant excellence - the professionals in this organization are wonderful people as well!

Jim Jenkins

I'm extremely impressed by the professionalism of this group. The information shared is thought provoking and action inducing. I highly recommend that any dental practice owner join this group. It will be of your most valuable investments. It will undoubtedly enhance your career.

Grace Rizza

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Founded in the mid-1950s as the American Academy of Dental Practice and now known simply as AADP, we are a preeminent dental organization, dedicated to fostering mentorship, education and community among dental professionals.

At AADP, we believe successful dentistry means a balance of life, work, and family. We also believe in shared knowledge, a spirit of fellowship and being cheerleaders for each other.

Known for our inspiring and moving annual meetings, AADP values the next generation of dentists, encouraging members and guests alike to always move forward toward making of difference in the lives of those we serve. We realize that education and mentorship is the key and leads to greatness.

AADP believes in finding and sharing a better way in dentistry…. Come Join Us!

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